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A group photo of most of the 2022 SSNAP Fellows at Duke University. I'm toward the bottom right.

My group project:
Computation & Systematicity
in the Brain

(Click the brain to learn more!)


Symposium Commentator  | American Philosophical Association (Central) 2024

A photo of me, Zoe, and Corey during our symposium at the APA (chaired by Larry Shapiro and organized by Tom Polger).
Society for the Metaphysics of Science: Is Computation Essentially Medium Independent?

Zoe Drayson: Yes
Corey Maley: No 
Me: It depends on what you mean by "medium-independence"

(Click the titles to read the papers)


Colloquium Talk 2023  | Washington University in St. Louis

 A photo of me presenting my talk 'Marr's levels are not levels of abstraction' during colloquium in the philosophy department at Washington University in St. Louis.


Generative AI and Health Panel 2023 | Washington University in St. Louis

 A panel discussion on generative AI at the AI & Digital Health Summit. Our panel was hosted by TRIADS at Washington University in St. Louis.

Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 10.26.12 PM.png

Explanation & Complexity in Biology & Psychology 2023 | University of Cincinnati 

A photo of my gift bag for chairing a session along with a print of the conference poster. Thank you to Tom Polger for inviting me. This conference was quite special as it was a tribute to the work of Robert C. Richardson. There were so many wonderful talks from several of my mentors as well as from those whose work I admire greatly. 

University of CA, Davis | Post Dissertation Defense

May 19th, 2023: A photo of me and my committee right after I successfully defended my dissertation! Zoom: William Ramsey, Elaine Landry, & Corey Maley. In person: Zoe Drayson, Me, Rohan French, & Hanti Lin.


University of CA, Davis | Davis, California

A photo with my fellow panelists and the conference organizers at the
Cognitive Science Conference hosted by CSSA at UC Davis.


Pacific APA 2023 | San Francisco, California

Tiki bar volcano bowl for the current and previous grad students!
Featuring Arieh Schwartz, Natasha Haddal, me, and Daisy Underhill.
(photo taken by Rohan French)

Pacific APA 2023 | San Francisco, California


A photo with Zoe Drayson (my advisor and David's former postdoc) 
and David Chalmers at the Pacific APA. 

Pacific APA 2023 | San Francisco, California


Pacific APA 2023 | San Francisco, California

Post book symposium dinner with Jacqueline Sullivan, Daniel Weiskopf,
Muhammad Ali Khalidi, Zoe Drayson, and Sarah Robbins.


Pacific APA 2023 | San Francisco, California

Me and David Chalmers discussing computational implementation. 


PSA 2022 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Corey Maley and me after having discovered a poster on computational implementation!

PSA 2022 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Me presenting in the symposium "physical signatures of computation" at the PSA. 


Chico State University | Chico, California

Posing with the Chico State wild cat


Post-colloquium dinner with members of the philosophy department. 
From left to right:  Dr. Wai-hung Wong, Jason Thompson, Me

Chico State University Colloquium 2022 | Chico, CA


Philosophy & Neuroscience @ the Gulf 2022 | Pensacola, FL

Me and John Bickle after the final speaker of the conference.  A big thank you to John for organizing and creating incredible interdisciplinary opportunities for philosophers and neuroscientists in all career stages. 


Philosophy & Neuroscience @ the Gulf 2022 | Pensacola, FL

Beach views from our room during the conference.

IMG-4959 (1).JPEG

Me presenting at the Deep South Philosophy and Neuroscience conference
in Pensacola, Florida. 

Philosophy & Neuroscience @ the Gulf 2022 | Pensacola, FL


CHPS 2022 | Colorado University Boulder 

A photo of me on the steps of the Eaton Humanities Building at Colorado University Boulder.


CHPS 2022 | Colorado University Boulder 

David Barack (University of Pennsylvania) and me after the final keynote
speaker at the Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience: Content, Self, and
Cognitive Ontology, the 37th Annual Boulder Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science. 

A photo of me holding a human brain at SSNAP, 2022. 
Thanks to incredibly generous individuals and their families, researchers are able to gain first hand experience with the human brain.  It is both humbling and surreal to have had this opportunity and experience. 

SSNAP 2022 | DUKE University 


A group photo of most of the 2022 SSNAP fellows

SSNAP 2022 | Durham, North Carolina

Stunning architecture at Duke University. Captured during SSNAP 2022.

DUKE University | Durham, North Carolina


Rotman Grad Conference 2022 | London, Canada

Rotman Institute of Philosophy 2nd annual grad conference

RGSC2022_group photo.png

The Rotman Institute | London, Canada 

A group photo of the speakers and attendees of the
Rotman Graduate Conference in London, Canada


Dinner & Drinks with William Ramsey | Davis, California

from left to right: William (Bill) Ramsey, Lel Jones, Natasha Haddal, Kory Matteoli,  Rohan French (I'm to the right of Bill Ramsey not pictured)


from left to right: Corey Maley, Zoe Drayson, Oron Shagrir, Frankie Egan, me

Pacific APA 2022 | Vancouver, Canada


Pacific APA 2022 | Vancouver, Canada

Oron Shagrir discussing his recent book: The Nature of Physical Computation


Pacific APA 2022 | Vancouver, Canada

Comments from Frankie Egan

IMG-6291 (1).JPG

Central APA 2022 | Chicago, Illinois

My poster presentation: there cannot be a mechanism-only theory
of computation

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