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Neuro-Engineering: Neural-Machine-Interfaces and Assisted Human Movement, Schofield, Fall 2022

Philosophy of Mind: Readings in Feminist Philosophy of Mind, Drayson, Fall 2022

Philosophy of Logic & Mathematics: Theories of Truth, French, Winter 2020

Philosophy of Mind: Computation & Cognitive Science, Molyneux, Winter 2020

Philosophy of Mind: Computation, Drayson, Fall 2019

Philosophy of Mind: Philosophy of Perception, Drayson, Spring 2019

Political Theory, Satkunanandan, Spring 2019

Epistemology: Probability and Artificial Intelligence, Lin,  Winter 2019

Philosophy of Science: Mathematical Structuralism, Landry, Winter 2019

Epistemology: Bayesian Epistemology, Lin, Fall 2018

Ethics: The Non-Identity Problem, Rulli, Fall 2018

Epistemology: Statistical Inference, Lin, Spring 2018

Ethics: Evolutionary Debunking Arguments, Copp, Spring 2018

Ancient Philosophy: Theories of Justice and the Natural Law Tradition in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Szaif, Winter 2018

Proseminar II: Philosophy of Well-Being, Ney, Winter 2018

Philosophy of Mind: Multiple Realization, Drayson, Fall 2017

Proseminar I: Truth, Landry, Fall 2017

Beyond Coursework: I often sit in on courses related to my interdisciplinary work, participate in seminars,

and read books on topics of interest. 

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